08. The Time Working at Oakhurst Tea Room

08. The Time Working at Oakhurst Tea Room

Today we make banana fries and onion rings,
Debbie! show Lay how to make it.”
She giggled a lot while she was cutting the banana.
Mix with waffle batter, then fry them until they’re brown.”

Cut those big onions like this
Slice them straight down about this thick.
Use only the big round ones
Mix with the waffle batter, then fry them round like a ring.”

There were fried foods tonight
Eye-pleasing onion rings and banana fries.
They were hot, crunchy, and tasty,
Everybody liked it, saying they were so yummy.

After I knew how to make the banana fries in the kitchen,
Jim said it’s time for Lay to work as a busboy.
Because I looked nice and clean,
They let me work in the dining area, not fearing a thing.

Before that, I often peeked into the dining area,
Seeing customers in their fancy outfits,
Wishing that, “When would Jim let me work outside?
That was how I needed an opportunity to shine.

The busboy’s duties were clearly stated:
Each boy was responsible for several tables.
When guests got up for the smorgasbord,
Busboys quickly grabbed their empty plates.

I liked to stay busy at all times.
If I wanted to impress them, I must put in the time.
They all liked me by the impression I could see
Because they knew how good a busboy I could be.

Fred and Jean were also fond of me,
Often asking me to come along in their shopping.
Their car was a huge Continental Mark IV,
I still remember the first time I rode in that luxury car.

Fred opened the back door for me,
The leather-covered backseat gave me a nice feeling.
Today they’d take me shopping in Pittsburgh
To buy new clothes that I really needed.

The minimum hourly wage at that time was $1.90 an hour,
But Jean paid me $2.00 an hour, told me not to tell the others.
The Tea Room opened six days a week.
Monday was closed – a day off we all needed.

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