Chị Ba Ơi (English)

Chị Ba Ơi

Chị Ba ơi, why did you leave so suddenly?
Did you want to come home to rest next to Ba Má?
That you will leave Anh Ba, Lộc, and Hằng behind,
While the kids’ school is still on their minds?

Chị Ba ơi, why did you say that,
This April, you will go home with Anh Ba.
But why did you leave him in a hurry?
What will we do with your Tet’s money?

Chị Ba ơi, why the rush, the sudden flee?
Who’s going to remind us of Ba Má’s death anniversary?
You always call to tell us of the date,
You won’t berate, even when we’re late.

Chị Ba ơi, why were you in such a hurry?
You left behind many fond memories.
When we were kids, Chị Hai and you looked after us,
Ready to dole out sticks, if we would dare to fuss?

The kitchen has been feeling sad.
Bà Nội đâu? We can’t find her anywhere.
Má đâu? Lộc and Hằng no longer ask,
And Anh Ba still murmurs, “Ký, em ơi!”

Your siblings no longer hear your voice:
Cuối tuần này, ngày cúng giỗ Ba Má.”
Life in this world will have an end.
Rest in peace for suffering will mend.#

Vĩnh biệt, Chị Ba!
Các em của Chị: Lay anh, Xoàn (VN), Lạc anh, and Lý.
February 16, 2024

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