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Vietnam Clouds

Vietnam Clouds

Vietnam clouds fly over here.
To call you to come back home.
To the place you were born,
So you can rest beside Dad and Mom.

Dad and Mom have been with the clouds,
While you’re always busy to think about
Cooking for the family all the time,
For there are six hungry mouths by your side.

Lilly has started her medical school.
Ben will be more confident soon.
And Leyna has just turned sixteen,
So has your age piled up ever since.

Chicken or delicious egg-pork stew,
Fish fried or egg rolls, you decide.
Egg noodles, Pho, or Wonton soup
You can cook them in a swoop.

When the little ones appear picky with their meals,
You turned their appetite into a big deal.
New tasty dishes you can easily invent,
Let them eat to their hearts’ content.

But on one fateful day,
You suddenly wanted to hitch a ride home.
You came out and waved at the clouds,
They obliged to swoop you up to their whereabouts.

Lay anh,
February 16, 2024

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