Residential Street Covered in Snow with Sunny Sky

09. The First Time Seeing Snow

09. The First Time Seeing Snow

Oh no, I was late for work,
The room was so bright as if it were noon time.
I peeked through the window curtain to look outside,
The entire ground was covered in a really thick snowy white.

The clock showed it was only eight,
So I took the time to marvel at my first snowy scene.
Irresistible, I pulled open the door that was covered with snow
The snow glittering like zillions of diamond rings.

The snow blanketed every inch of ground white;
I was awestruck enjoying my first scene of snow overnight.
What a picturesque dreamy scene it was.
Mother Nature had succeeded with her surprised treat of snow.

After a few months staying in the motel,
Jim’s mother told me she had an extra room in her house.
Jim asked me, “What do you think?
If you want to, you can move in with them.”

The minister, Jean, and Fred all gave me their blessings,
It’s better for you, Lay,” they agreed.
The DePhillips family consisted of three members,
The couple, their son Ernie, and me are now four.

They had four children altogether:
Sonny, Ernie, Donna, and Jim – all older than me.
Three of their children lived with their own families,
Only Ernie lived at home with them.

They took me in without any planning,
I wrote to them asking if I could call them Mom and Dad.
Later, they told me they were glad.
Ernie and I were just like real brothers – a home for me at last.


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