Beds, Pillows, and Sheets

Beds, Pillows, and Sheets

We are Nursing Home beds, pillows, and sheets.
We’re the comforters for those in need.
We are always by their side.
To comfort, to listen, and to hear them cry.

We are their best friends in a nursing home.
We welcome all people, no matter where they’re from
Whether they’re Black, Asian, Hispanic, or White
We see them having the same sadness in their eyes.

When they’re glad, we know who’s coming;
When they’re sad, we know who has stopped visiting.
Hiding their pain, they pull up the sheet,
To cover their head and turn to the pillow to let out their weep.

When we see them in pain, we agonize
When they smile, we’re delighted
And when they’re depressed, we’re on edge.
But we are saddest when they empty their last breath.

Jim Huynh
March 17, 2020

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