Repentance For Taking the Lives of Sentient Beings

Repentance For Taking The Lives of Sentient Beings

Being born in a human form has seen us committing countless sins
In this life and tens of thousands of previous lives
My sins piled up higher than the clouds
Kneeling before thee, the Triple Jewels, I profess my sins.

Namo Bodhisattva of Compassion (3 times)
Hear my confession (1 bell)

_( )_

I bow before you (1)
Buddha Shakyamuni
Buddha Amitabha
Buddhas in ten directions.

Bodhisattvas in ten directions (2)
With Arhats and monastic Sangha
Be a witness to my sincerity
To repent, I promise. (1 Bell)

I’ve just realized that (3)
In my countless previous lives
My sins have accumulated
And my karma has thickened.

Delusion after delusion (4)
Committing murderous acts
Mercilessly taking the lives
Many kinds of creatures.

Regardless of their sizes (5)
Any time of the day
Wanted to sell, I killed
Wanted to eat, I slaughtered.

Animals in the forest (6)
Creatures in the water
Creatures in the sky
Animals that I buy.

Creatures can run (7)
Creatures can swim
Creatures can fly
Poor those hapless lives.

Killed by my hands (8)
Without hesitation
To satisfy my selfish ego
Manifesting on my earthly body.

Due to my ignorance (9)
Due to my appetite
Due to my indulgence
I denied their lives.

Or helping my friends (10)
Rejoicing, I aided them
Slaughtering the animals
Their blood’s on my hands.

Drawing blood from their neck (11)
Gutting and beheading
Skinning their bodies for flesh
Or boiling them alive with a smile.

They begged for their lives (12)
Hopelessly they screamed
But my ears seemed deaf
And my eyes seemed blind.

I had no regrets then (13)
But now I follow Buddha
I seek refuge in the Dharma
Among Arhats and monastic Sangha.

I deeply regret (14)
Sincerely I repent
For my murderous sins
I swear to end.

Namo Bodhisattva of Compassion (3 times)
Hear my confession (1 bell)

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