Love Heals – Hate Kills

Love Heals Hate Kills

Vietnam is our country, where memories reside.
In the lands afar, where hearts still divide.
Yet in the shadows, the light of hope spills
A heartfelt plea that Love Heals and Hate Kills.

To those who carry the hatred of decades-old
Whose hearts still hold the anger untold.
Let’s reach out to each other with an embrace!
To open our hearts where healing finds its place.

Our flags both have two colors, yellow and red.
Each buried a million lives once led.
Each soaked millions of red blood in battle fights
Let’s not fan the flames of anger that’s already high.

Dear brothers, let’s pause and see.
The incredible power of love and unity
For in our wounds, there lies a chance.
To mend our bonds so our hearts can dance.

Remember the loved ones we’ve lost.
Their sacrifices were also our ultimate cost.
But in their names, let’s not forget.
The peace and unity we seek – let’s not regret.

Let go of the shackles of the war’s past
Let’s embrace the love that’s meant to last.
For in forgiveness, there’s a golden key.
To unchain the soul and set it free.

The unification of our country – not all cheer
But if we follow our love’s compass, it will steer.
Through mending hearts and open minds
In love we embrace, true peace we’ll find.

Let’s bridge the ocean that stands between
To build a future for Vietnam has not yet been seen.
For the sake and prosperity of our country
And let our people be proud we’re Vietnamese.

So, let us stand hand in hand.
And break the chains of hate’s command.
For love will heal both deep and sore
And bring us closer than ever before.

In unity, we’ll find our strength to abound.
Beyond the shadow of any doubt
To cherish peace and let hate depart.
For love, my brothers, let us do our part.

August 6, 2023

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