Ky Dai Viet-My

It is Your Duty to Remember


After over four decades of refuge in the U.S., most of us are contented with our lives here – a life that none of us had planned for. However, as the first generation of Vietnamese Americans, we are living in this country on borrowed time. It is because, deep down inside, we all are afflicted with an aching heart – longing for a return to the homeland – where freedom remains a distant memory.

Listen, our children. We know our work has not been completed, but we have done our best laying the foundation for you, and now is the time, we must hand over the torch of freedom to you. The United States of America is your country and you should say it proudly and remember to honor it and to serve it with all your heart, just like your parents who had proudly served the flag of the Republic of South Vietnam to uphold the freedom it represented.

Our time in this free country is gradually coming to a close, but there is so much waiting for you to finish. You must strive to do your best to make us proud. These are our last wishes: First and foremost, you must strive to excel in education, be the best you possibly can in whatever field you want to do. After that, take advantage of the freedom this country gives you so you can provide for your own family, and strive to become a contributing citizen of your country. Secondly, do not take anything for granted; even freedom has its price. Aim high in your dream to become an outstanding citizen of this country, then you can thrive on your knowledge and influence to help build a FREE Vietnam.

We will wait for that day to come so you can take us home even though after we are nothing but ashes.

A father and an uncle,
Jim Huynh
April 26, 2015

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