Repentance of Malice of Body, Speech, and Thought

Repentance of Malice of Body, Speech, and Thought

Being born in a human form has seen us committing countless sins
In this life and tens of thousands of previous lives
My sins piled up higher than the clouds
Kneeling before thee, the Triple Jewels, I profess my sins.

Namo Bodhisattva of Compassion! (3 times)
Hear my prayers (1 bell)

_( )_

Body, Speech, and Thought (1)
I never paid any attention
Let them run wild
Like a madman’s mind.

With evil thoughts born a wicked mind (2)
Along with twisted speech
Spoken with two tongues
Jabbing others left and right.

Greed, Anger, and Ignorance (3)
Giving rise to an inhumane heart
Telling lies and harming people
Taking theirs to be mine.

I never paid any mind to karma (4)
And never care about retribution
Now, thanks to the Dharma
I see new meanings in my life.

As the Buddha has taught (5)
Love all beings, regardless
Cultivate good thoughts
Abandon bad intentions.

Pruning kind acts (6)
The mind will be at peace
The speech will be compassionate
These things will please the heart.

The body will respond. (7)
A selfless charity heart will bloom.
To be kind to all beings.
The Dharma is in the Buddha’s teaching.

Taking the vows of Bodhisattva (8)
Nirvana will rise within
I pray from now on
Do good deeds, and bad ones are gone.

Looking up to Buddhas (9)
The greatest compassion ones
Giving thy blessing to my body
Having no illness and no disabilities.

And my mind free of afflictions. (10)
Let me be a practitioner.
Of Buddha’s miraculous Dharma
Brighten my mind and tame my heart.

Granting me the intellect (11)
To acquire spiritual freedom
Now I’ve learned the Dharma
I vow to become a practitioner.

Being a guide to my family (12)
Relatives and kin alike
Family members on both sides
Living far away or just nearby.

Children and grandchildren (13)
Wife and husband
Brothers and sisters
Let’s uphold Dharma! Time is running out.

Facing the Triple Jewels (14)
I vow to take refuge
Cultivating body, mind, and thought
Sincerely I repent.

Namo Bodhisattva of Compassion! (3 times)
Hear my prayers (1 bell)

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