25. Getting Married

25. Getting Married

On April 4, 1987, we got married.
Pastor Jim drove to Philly to perform our wedding.
Our union was in military style,
Simple, quick, cheap, and full of happy smiles.

The first time I danced to Cambodian music,
Rum Boun” means dancing around in a circle.
She moved in front of me gesturing with enticing hands.
Me, I just watched her moves like I was her biggest fan.

Our honeymoon week was also in military style.
Our forefathers had never heard of honeymoon week.
But they had so many children, and it’s for us to mimic.
You lock the room and let the Billy goat do his job.”

Andrew was our first born son (1988),
All our love was focused on him around the clock.
Every night at two the alarm would wake me up
To make formula milk for him so mom could sleep.

As parents, we got cozy with our child,
All our love centered around our son.
Having children makes a house a home,
The parents’ love is so sacred and we bond.

Matthew was our second son (1990).
Having two boys makes me feel blessed.
They played and shouted that mom barely had time to rest.
Andrew was more playful while Matthew was sort of quiet.

Whenever children are sick,
Parents always feel the heat.
Especially when the children have fevers,
Sleepless nights checking their temperatures.

Do you want a third child, dear?” I asked.
My wife said, “Two boys are enough. Please don’t beg.”
Andrew was more active and stubborn like me
While Matthew was quiet, caring and cuddling.

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