US Marine

11. “Welcome to our country!”

11. Welcome to Our Country

One night, a customer came near me
While I was carving the meat, I didn’t hear him well.
After he left the dinning area,
Suddenly I said, “That’s it! Welcome to our country.”

I ran after him to their car,
Thank you, sir, for your welcoming.”
Welcome to our country.” That’s what he said.
I shook his hand and thanked him profusely.

He had served one tour in Vietnam
He was a Marine but now a civilian.
The first time I heard a sincere welcome,
From the mouth of an American.

How precious it was coming from a U.S. Marine.
For a sincere welcome that touched my heart.
War fought all over the corners of Vietnam,
Was not as effective as words to win a man’s heart.

I volunteered to serve on the church’s Sunday service.
Monday was my day off so I often visited Pastor Jim
To improve my conversational skill.
He also helped me to understand more about Christianity.

America is a free country,” Pastor Jim said.
You don’t have to work there all your life.
Busboy is just a temporary job,
It’s for high school students who needed to work.”

You should think about your future,
Find a trade and learn to support yourself.
Car mechanic or any kind of trades.”
Knowing they’re kind, but my mind was first to survive.

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