Ron Penny Ryan Tranquilla 1977

12. Meeting My Second Benefactor – The Tranquilas

12. Meeting My Second Benefactor – The Tranquilas

Today there was an American couple
Who came to the Tea Room looking for me.
After my inquiries with him,
He was a college professor with several degrees.

They lived in a small town called Latrobe,
About an hour’s drive from me.
He visited his mother in Somerset County;
She told him I was working at the Tea Room.

His mother was a member of the Trinity Lutheran church,
That’s why she knew about me.
Perhaps, Pastor Jim had told the congregation
To see if anybody could help me for my education.

I was all by myself – a loner in this country,
Maybe that’s why the couple wanted to help me kindly.
His mother graciously invited me to her house,
To meet her son and his wife so they could help me out.

The couple seemed to be very kind,
Lucky for me, they also liked the Vietnamese.
Thuận and An were two Vietnamese brothers,
Whom they had taken in to stay in their house.

The couple was very eager to help me
To get into college as they had helped other Vietnamese.
I was somewhat in disbelief,
Never in my wildest dreams I might be in college someday.

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