19. Returning to Penn State After Summer Job

19. Coming Back to Penn State After Summer Job

After finishing my summer job,
The Chinese boss lent me four-hundred bucks.
I drove back to Penn State that evening;
As soon as I got out of the car, I heard a loud voice from afar.

Give me all your money.”
I don’t have any money, man.” I shouted to conceal my fear.
Lucky for me he was still some distance away,
Standing behind the light pole thinking I should run away.

He wouldn’t open fire if I ran,
Under the cover of darkness I felt confident.
Ready to flee at any moment, thinking in my head,
Suddenly I heard the sound of the gun loaded “kack”.

I sprinted away like a cat,
Into a students’ house next door asking for help.
The police arrived in a flash
That motherfucker still had the gun by his ass.

This punk must had done this many times,
Robbing Asian students was easy as eating pie.
He knew where I lived so he was waiting outside
Flashing his gun waiting for me to arrive.

From that time onward, my outlook changed completely.
I watched over my shoulder wherever I went.
Never thought that violent crimes would happen on campus;
I found out that robberies targeting mostly at the Asian folks.

My student loan money was running low.
Because it was my final year, so I had to stop working.
I must use the money for food
Buying textbooks to recover my bad grades.

Having textbooks made a world of difference.
Regularly I aced quizzes and exams
A’s and B’s consistently made
Not like before, when C’s were usually my grades.

Luckily for me one thing I did best,
Having textbooks made me seemed smarter.
Food money now must be budgeted even more.
A twenty-pound bag of rice for two big bottles of soy sauce.

Two meals a day was how I subsisted.
Chicken was cheap so I always bought it.
A bowl of rice and a piece of chicken breast,
Boiling the chicken and using the broth for soup was my best.

Chicken dipped with seasoned tofu and soy sauce,
The meals were tasty because I was often hungry.
For lunch a piece of chicken with a bowl of rice.
For dinner a bowl of rice with a piece of chicken would be fine.

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