24. Getting Married or Not?

24. Getting Married or Not?

I was somehow worried about our language differences,
Her age, her custom and culture could be a deterrence.
I had second thoughts about seeing her again,
But the “fairy tale matchmakers” called it a good match.

Hey Mister! Don’t you dare run away,” they said,
You prayed to us to help you find a wife.
If you don’t’ marry her in due time,
There won’t be any female ghost wanting to be your wife.”

Just look at yourself in the mirror,
You are almost forty years of age.
Your sperms are about to die,
And you’re still hard-headed and acting silly every time.

She looked honest and simple,
Her face and her black pony tail hair were lovely.
Many nights I could not sleep.
Should I marry her? Was she the one to keep?.

Having children to carry on my family name,
What if she had no more eggs – my life would be up in flame.
I will give you four kids.” She said,
I knew it was a sales pitch, but I took it like a betting game.

That’s all I needed to proceed,
That next month we were engaged.
Sister Hoa lent me six-hundred dollars
To buy a diamond ring for our engagement.

What a gutsy guy I was – no money and wanting to get married.
Her family said they would help me,
Would take care of all expenses,
Both engagement and wedding, oh yes!

The reason I married her
Was that I believed she would make a good mother.
Being a good mother and loving children,
Those were my two qualities she seemed to have both.

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